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Der 02/ NK 2000C/ CS mit der hydraulischen Servolenkung (Allgemeines)

verfasst von NickVyse(R), 10.02.2018, 10:15

Thanks for sharing a great detailed installation Carsten.

I have never seen or heard of an NK with factory power steering, but the following parts diagrams showed up on the FAQ forum a few years ago. I tried searching for the part numbers but nothing showed up so I don't know if it was an option they never actually made, or whether it is just very rare:



Another option for hydraulic power steering (I don't like electric either) is this American thing. It might be terrible but it's interesting, quite cheap and would be easier to install I think (but obviously not using just BMW parts):


And in an old Peugeot van I have (1976 j7) I have used an electro-hydraulic set up with an electric power steering pump from the Toyota MR2 and the original power steering box option (I had no room on the engine for the original pump as it's now turbo charged).


Anyway, thought it might be helpful to add some other ideas to your excellent write-up.

Cheers, Nick (and please excuse me using English)

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