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bmw 1502 papers/folders/brochures (Allgemeines)

verfasst von Kruznik_be(R), 05.06.2018, 17:05


Since a few weeks is the MOT in Belgium very strictly for oldtimercars.
Now I have an 1502(1975) with turbo arches, double 40 dcoe webers, spaghettimanifold, ansa sportexhaust, spax dampers and springs and minilite wheels (7x13).
But now I need to proof to the MOT with TUV papers/folders/brochures that these updates are possible in that time when they made the car.
So, is here anyone that can help me for such kind of papers/folders?
Otherwise I have to change everytime the parts to the original ones when I have MOT.

Thanks in advance.


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