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Mein e12 M535i wird Auktioniert (Allgemeines)

02Anders ⌂, Trier, Luxembourg und Dänemark, Wednesday, 22.07.2020, 14:57 (vor 185 Tagen)


Tut mir leit, aber ich schreibe heute an Englisch. Hoffentlich geht das auch?

This post will be slightly off-topic as it's not 02-related. However, it is a classic BMW - and a bit of an icon too - so I'm hoping most of you will enjoy anyway... Furthermore, I'm being terribly self-serving, as I'm quite bluntly advertising the auction for my car.
Should anyone here take offence, then I do apologise and invite any moderator to either move the post to another fora or even just deleting it completely.

So to get to the point, I'm sadly having to thin out my humble collection a little and my 1981 BMW M535i e12 is currently up for grabs.
The auction is already live and ends on this coming Monday.

We've published the full story behind my e12 on ViaRETRO:
Admitted, the full story is perhaps a bit of a mouthful, so should you wish to bypass it, here's the link straight to the auction site:

Needless to say, I would of course appreciate if you would share the link with anyone who might be interested...


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