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Address '2002 Club' in Holland (Allgemeines)

Frans de Court, Monday, 03.08.2020, 14:29 (vor 18477 Tagen)

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In May this year I hope to be visiting Europe for business. Naturally I would also like to see some classic BMW&#39;s, ie. 2002&#39;s. We (my collegue and I both have competition licenses, although please forgive him for driving a TR7 V8)are planning to visit the Nurnburgring and do some laps on approx Tuesday 22nd May. Is there any knowledge on which days who and what is driving there> And would any of you keen 2002 drivers be interested to meet us there>
Whilst in Holland I would also like to contact the Dutch 2002 Club, but can&#39;t find a contact / website; can anybody please help.
Kind regards and happy driving.
Frans de Court (Auckland, New Zealand)

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